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Versatile lighting solutions for photography and filmmaking.

The FJ400 Strobe and Accessories

FJ400 Strobe & FJ-X2M Trigger

The FJ400 is the first portable 400Ws AC/DC strobe with less than 1 second recycle time at full power and 480+ full-power flashes per charge. The powerful FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Trigger pairs with virtually any camera brand to maximize the FJ400’s full potential. With a large display and user-friendly menu, controlling TTL and HSS has never been easier.

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Continuous LED Lighting for Photo & Video

Flexible RGBW LED mat with smart wireless DMX dimmer

Flex Cine

This completely redesigned lighting system features versatile LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty, wireless DMX dimmer, V-mount power, and the industry's most complete range of lightweight LED modifiers.

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Solix LED for photography and video lighting


This compact and powerful LED monolight, now available in a bi-color model, emits high-quality output, operates on AC/DC power, and is designed with an array of convenient features for compatibility with virtually any softbox.

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Ice Light LED

Ice Light 2

As the original handheld LED light source, the Ice Light offers ultra-portable, beautiful daylight-balanced continuous lighting for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers.

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Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit

Bi-Color Ring Light Kit

The 18” Bi-Color Ring Light Kit creates a bold punch of light with iconic catchlights. Complete with batteries, stand, and built-in diffusion front, the Ring Light creates a soft, even light that fills in shadows--ideal for portraits, vlogging, and more.

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Fluorescent and Tungsten Lighting

Spiderlite TD6 light heads, kits, lamps, and accessories

Spiderlite TD6

Harness the power of professional tungsten or fluorescent lighting with the industry’s most respected constant light source. The Spiderlite TD6 is designed with high-end components for years of use.

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D5 fluorescent light fixture, kits, lamps, and accessories


Powerful fluorescent lighting has never been more affordable. This compact lighting system offers complete output control, 3 softbox styles, and a variety of cost-effective all-inclusive kits.

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uLite light fixture, kits, lamps, and accessories


Meet the must have continuous lighting system for budding photographers and videographers. These compact and easy-to-use lighting kits are effective tools for getting started with studio lighting.

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Learning Light by Scott Kelby

Learning Light

Designed by legendary educator Scott Kelby, the Learning Light is the first educational lighting device that allows users to experiment with various lighting techniques without the need for complex or expensive equipment.

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