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Versatile LED designed for convenience and professional performance


Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Compact Kit


Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Kit with Apollo Orb and Stand


Solix Bi-Color Jen Rozenbaum 2-Light Kit with Softbox 2x3 and Stripbank 1x3


Solix Daylight Compact Kit

Solix Daylight Compact Kit

Regular Price: $399.90

Special Price: $199.90

Solix Daylight Apollo Orb 1-Light Kit

Solix Daylight Apollo Orb 1-Light Kit

Regular Price: $499.90

Special Price: $299.90

Solix Daylight 2-Light Kit by Jen Rozenbaum



Portable D-Tap Battery


Meet the New Solix Bi-Color LED

Over 45% Brighter with Adjustable Color Temperature

Solix Bi-Color with diffusion Cover

Impressive Light Quality

The powerful 90-watt Solix Bi-Color provides dimmable output up to 3,100 lux at 1 meter with color accuracy up to 97 CRI and 98 TLCI.

Solix Bi-Color Controls

Hassle-Free Design

A single control dial with digital display is used to adjust color temperature and intensity to eliminate any guesswork. Adjustable 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight compliments any environment.

The Solix Bi-Color LED with power cord

Built for Portability

The compact Solix Bi-Color LED is lightweight and compatible with wired AC power and optional D-Tap/PowerTap battery with D-Tap cable.

The Solix Bi-Color LED

Unmatched Versatility

Solix Bi-Color is a continuous light source with locking rotatable speedring for attaching rod-based softboxes up to 4.5 lbs. The tilter bracket allows for positioning and umbrella mounting.

Close up of the Solix Bi-Color LED

Consistent Performance

With flicker-free output up to 960 frames per second, minimal heat through prolonged run times, and a low-decibel internal fan, the Solix is an ideal light source for both photographers and video content creators.

Solix Bi-Color LED and light controls

Added Convenience and Control

Removable magnetic all-metal barndoors and hard diffusion cap precisely direct and soften light output. The 12” round collapsible softbox without the diffusion fabric maximizes Solix Bi-Color’s output.