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Flex Cine

Flex Cine Lighting System

Featuring versatile flexible LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty, wireless DMX dimmer, V-mount power, and the industry's most complete range of lightweight LED modifiers.


Redesigned From the Ground Up

Available in RGBW, bi-color, or daylight with sizes ranging from 1' x 1' to 2' x 2', these compact LED mats offer powerful, pristine, and flicker-free lighting for any situation.

Discover Unparalleled Versatility

Flex Cine LED Mat Features for Filmmakers

Flex Cine Mats Go Where Other Lights Can’t

These LED mats are brilliantly designed with a 1/3" pliable surface that conceal in tight spaces, mount virtually anywhere, and offer up to a 360-degree beam angle. At less than 3 lbs., these patented flexible mats are constructed with durable materials that are water-resistant, quiet on set, and backed for life.

Flex Cine Dimmer Options

Choose How to Control Your Lights

The Flex Cine System offers two dimmer options to control Flex Cine mats. The Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer provides unprecedented lighting control for any size Flex Cine mat, including RGBW, bi-color, and daylight. The Flex Cine Dimmer can be paired with a Flex Cine 1' x 1' or 1' x 2' bi-color or daylight mat. Both dimmers are backwards compatible with the same size original Flex mats using a legacy adapter.

The First Smart Dimmer for All Flex LED Mats

Designed in partnership with the experts at Ratpac/Innovative Dimmers, the Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer can sense and operate all sizes of Flex Cine LED mats. It's also compatible with original 1’ x 1’ to 2’ x 2' Flex mats with an optional adapter. Constructed with a heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum enclosure with built-in V-mount that accepts AC or DC power.

Choose Between Wireless or Wired DMX

The industry's first smart dimmer for flexible LEDs with DMX512 Input/Output 5-Pin Male/Female XLR and wireless DMX capability for controlling one or more dimmers via WiFi Host/Client Mode. When operating DMX over Art-Net, the dimmer is compatible with mobile apps, including Luminair, that offer advanced lighting effects and controls.

Luminair compatible

Control Modes and Presets

When utilizing the dimmer's on-board controls, users have access to a dynamic range of tools that control color and intensity, including 120+ pre-loaded color gel presets with daylight or tungsten backing, source-matching presets, user-defined presets, CCT controls, and more.

V-Mount AC and DC Power Options

The Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer is designed with a built-in V-Lock Mount to accept AC or DC power. Pair with either the universal AC Adapter or 26V Lithium-Ion Battery to power Flex LED mats with more options than ever before. Users can also power a 1' x 1' bi-color or daylight LED mat via any compatible 14.4-14.8V V-mount battery.


Portable Light Mounts and Modifiers

Position, control, soften, and direct Flex LED lighting in virtually any location with these compact lighting tools, featuring modular frames, diffusion, and industry-trusted designs. Flex Cine modifiers includes collapsible softboxes, egg crate grids, hard diffusion panels, barndoors, drum softbox, cubes, and more.