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Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softboxes

Versatile modifiers for superior control and stunning results.



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The Parabolic You've Been Looking For

The essential modifier for commercial, fashion, and portrait photographers. The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softbox features a deep parabolic construction for stunning light. Each Zeppelin is equipped with high-quality construction and needlework, 16 heavy-duty heat-resistant rods, a 1-stop inner diffusion panel with a 2-stop center deflector dot, a 1-stop outer diffusion panel, and a zippered entry point.

Zeppelin deep parabolic softbox with strobe in use during fashion model photo shoot
Lighting results portrait using Zeppelin softbox
Photos: ©Photofervor Photography
Zeppelin softbox attaching diffusion panel

Adjust Specularity

Each Zeppelin softbox comes standard with both an inner and an outer diffusion panel. Both the 1-stop outer diffusion panel and the 1-stop inner diffusion panel can be used by themselves or in tandem. The outer panel is constructed with velcro around the edges for quick attachment. The inner diffusion panel utilizes elastic snaps, ensuring secure placement within the Zeppelin.

Eliminate Excess Arms and Stands

This innovative mounting system requires only a single light stand, speedring, and the Zeppelin deflector plate in combination with your light source, Zeppelin softbox, and mounting bracket.

Zeppelin arm with speedring mounted inside softbox
Zeppelin Arm

Zeppelin Arm

The Zeppelin Arm mounting system is easily focusable, altering the spread and intensity of your light with effortless depth adjustment. This ingenious accessory can be used with any Zeppelin softbox. Featuring all-metal arm construction and a comfortable rubber grip, the Zeppelin Mounting Arm has a maximum load of 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) for use with a majority of strobe and continuous light systems.

Heavy-Duty Mounting

To support the weight of these profound softboxes, the Zeppelin Speedring and Bracket was developed. These heavy-duty brackets eliminate mounting stress on your light head and come in adaptations for virtually all light heads. Compatible with the industry's most popular light heads, the Zeppelin Speedring and Bracket is a durable, all-metal mounting bracket equipped with a built-in speedring.

Zeppelin mounting bracket