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Deep Umbrellas


Cost-effective and easy-to-use modifiers for any light source or style of photography.

History in the Making

Involved in manufacturing umbrellas since 1899, Westcott has a long history of designing innovative, high-quality umbrellas. Our founders set their sights on the golf industry in the 1940s, inventing the fiberglass umbrella frame and designing products for legendary golf professionals.

In 1969 at the age of 15, current Executive Chairman Tom Waltz brought his idea of photographic umbrellas to life. 50 years, 8 patents, and over 600 products later, we’re still manufacturing durable, high-end umbrellas for photographers around the world.

Modify Any Light

Umbrellas can soften, reflect, and shape whatever lighting that you use.

Umbrella with Skylux Continuous LED Light


LED Light

Umbrella with Speedlite Mounted with Triple-Threat Bracket


with Triple Threat

Umbrella with Strobe Monolight


Studio Strobe

Soften your Light Source

Diffusion or shoot-through umbrellas are designed with quality 1-stop diffusion fabric that softens and expands your light. Large diffusion umbrellas can also be used outside to soften overhead sunlight.

Reflective Silver Parabolic Umbrella Behind the Scenes Photo
Results Beauty Shot using Parabolic Umbrella with Silver Interior
Photo: ©Brad Matthews

Reflective Fabric Surfaces

Our reflective umbrellas are designed to bounce light back onto your subject, maximizing your light’s output and range. These umbrellas are available with silver or white interiors. A diffusion front is also available for parabolic bounce reflectors, giving you the ability to both maximize and soften your light source.

Reflective Silver Parabolic Umbrella Behind the Scenes Photo
Photo: ©Zach Gray

Reflect and Diffuse Light

Looking for a little versatility? Check out our umbrellas with removable black covers, which quickly convert from reflective to diffusion modifiers.

Umbrella cover partially on

A Size to Fit Your Needs

Ranging in size from 32" to 7', umbrellas are the cost-effective, travel-friendly light modifier for any style of photography including product, headshots, fashion, sports, and even group portraits.

Small Photo Umbrella
Medium Sized Photo Umbrella
Large Parabolic Umbrella

Most people say you can never shoot outside at 12 o’clock, but you can if you have one of these umbrellas. They’re amazing.

Lou Freeman, Westcott Top Pro Photographer
on the 7′ Diffusion Umbrella

Bob Davis

“I rely on Westcott's Collapsible White Satin Umbrella with the removable black cover. It gives me the versatility to shoot through or reflect the light. These are great whether photographing large group shots or intimate portraits.”

Bob Davis
Westcott Top Pro Photographer

Courtney Dailey

“The Westcott Silver 7' Umbrella is one of my staples. The silver lining gives me a gorgeous high-key light that I'm able to focus and fine tune. From beauty to fashion, I'm covered.”

Courtney Dailey
Westcott Top Pro Photographer

Travel-Friendly Collapsible Umbrellas

Collapsible Umbrellas are designed with a telescoping shaft to reduce the overall length of your umbrella during travel or storage. These umbrellas are a must for on-the-go photographers who prefer to travel light.

Collapsible Umbrellas fit inside a standard-sized backpack