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Switch Softboxes

Rapid Box Switch

The World's Fastest Softboxes

Descending Set Descending Direction

Beauty Dish Switch


Descending Set Descending Direction

New Interchangeable Inserts & Modifiers for Rapid Box & Beauty Dish

The new Switch Series is designed for use with the most popular strobes, speedlites, and monolights. With 13 interchangeable light mount inserts and 9 collapsible light modifiers, this is the premier softbox series that Switches with you.

Rapid Box Switch 9 styles available
Beauty Dish Switch 13 adapter inserts for most lighting systems

The Beauty Dish That Changes With You

Designed by world-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this 24" collapsible beauty dish softbox is an ultra-portable modifier built with convenience in mind. This beauty dish directs a soft, clean pattern of light straight toward your subject.

Beauty Dish Switch behind the scenes setup
Beauty Dish Switch final shot
Rapid Box Switch easily chang mounting adapter inserts

Switch Inserts for the Most Popular Lights

Inserts attach your light source to any Rapid Box Switch and Beauty Dish Switch light modifier in an instant. This durable all-metal adapter slides quickly into the rear tabs of a Switch modifier and secures in place with the thumb-lock.

The Must-Have Accessory

The optional Deflector Plate minimizes hot spots and creates a stunning beauty-style light output. These plates are easy to use with all Rapid Box softboxes.

Rapid Box Switch with Deflector Plate
Reflective soft white interior softbox material and egg crate grid

Precisely Control Your Light

40-degree grids are the most popular choice for photographers and filmmakers, allowing for precise light control with limited loss of light. Collapsible 40-degree egg-crate grids are available for every Rapid Box and Beauty Dish modifier.