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Scrim Jim Cine

Ultra-versatile modular framework system with an array of exchangeable fabrics and connectors.


Scrim Jim Cine Kit

$279.90 - $659.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Cine Video Kit

$559.90 - $859.90
(Based on Selection)


Scrim Jim Cine Frame Set

$229.90 - $389.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube

$14.90 - $43.90
(Based on Selection)


Scrim Jim Cine Net Fabric

Regular Price: $59.90 - $569.90

Special Price: $5.00 - $569.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Cine Black Block Fabric

$54.90 - $219.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Cine Reflective Fabric

Regular Price: $49.90 - $249.90

Special Price: $24.90 - $249.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Cine Diffusion Fabric

Regular Price: $59.90 - $169.90

Special Price: $29.45 - $169.90
(Based on Selection)


Original Scrim Jim Diffusion Fabric

$59.90 - $164.90
(Based on Selection)

Original Scrim Jim Black Block Fabric

$79.90 - $139.90
(Based on Selection)

Original Scrim Jim Reflective Fabric

$79.90 - $219.90
(Based on Selection)

Improved Modular Light Control

You asked and we listened. The Scrim Jim is revamped to offer the best of lighting control, and then some. At the core of the design are interchangeable tubes, connectors, and fabrics. This completely customizable system can be whatever you need it to be.

Scrim Jim Cine frames and fabrics for photography and filmmaking

Never Sacrifice Size for Portability

The Scrim Jim Cine's modular design allows even the largest of frames to break down into sections ranging from a mere 10" to 46", so you have the ability to travel with vast diffusion, blocking, and reflecting systems in your luggage or cases.

Portrait lighting setup outdoors
Outdoor portrait photo using Scrim Jim Cine diffusion fabric
Photo: ©Erik Valind

Rugged Framework

Scrim Jim Cine 1" tubes are made with anodized aluminum which can withstand heavy abuse on set while maintaining a lightweight form. Connectors feature a positive-locking system that keeps frame builds in-tact throughout your shoot, yet easily removable for quick teardown and setup.

Durable Scrim Jim Cine framework

Fabrics Instantly Attach to Frames

Scrim Jim Cine frames and fabrics are available in sizes from 1' x 1' to 8' x 8'. Each fabric features hook-and-loop edging for instant placement on frames with corner security tabs to ensure mounting even on windy locations.

Attaching fabrics to Scrim Jim Cine framework

Diffuse Light

With options available from 1/4-stop to 1 1/4-stop, Scrim Jim Cine diffusers and grid cloths give you the ability to precisely soften any light source that you encounter.

Terry White taking a model photo using Scrim Jim Cine frame and diffusion fabric

Reflect Light

Bounce and enhance sunlight and studio lighting with Scrim Jim Cine's superior line of gold, silver, sunlight, white, and muslin reflective fabrics.

Photo studio behind the scenes using Scrim Jim Cine framework and fabrics

Block or Flag Light

Scrim Jim Cine block fabrics are versatile fabrics for photographers and filmmakers, with the ability to block light, shape light, flag light, add shadows, block wind, and more.

Portrait video lighting setup using Scrim Jim Cine black block

Cut Unwanted Light

Cut harsh light and busy, bright backgrounds by your choice of 1-stop or 2-stop. These are an essential tool for broadcasting professionals and run-and-gun filmmakers.

Video filming on location cutting light using net fabric

Invented over 20 years ago, the Scrim Jim has evolved to become a go-to light control system for photographers and filmmakers around the globe.

Flex Meets Scrim Jim Cine

Paired perfectly together, original Flex LED mats and Scrim Jim Cine modular framework offer an entirely new dynamic from a traditional light panel. This cutting-edge set includes a flexible LED mat, framework, diffusion fabric, and mounting hardware. It's time to discover an entirely new way to light.

Closeup of Flex Set
On location photo shoot using Flex mat with Scrim Jim Cine framework
Photo: ©Eric Eggly

Flex Travel Kits

Paired perfectly with the Scrim Jim Cine modular frame system, the Flex Location Kits include a pair of flexible mats, portable batteries, framework, diffusion, and mounting hardware for quick integration as your go-to portable lighting setup.

Direct and Soften

Looking to control the light spill of your Flex? Pair your Flex with a corresponding Scrim Jim Cine Frame and Flex Portable Softbox. This collapsible modifier attaches instantly to your Flex and includes a removable 1/4-stop diffusion panel. Built-in grommets allow for direct frame mounting.

Flex mat with collapsible softbox

Various Mounting Options

The unique design of the Scrim Jim Cine Frame allows for a multitude of mounting options. Partner your frame with your choice of mounting hardware, like our available Universal Stud, Dual-Socket Magic Arm, Tilter Bracket, Center Jaw Vise Grip, Boom Arm, or Grip Head. Mix and match for the ultimate setup!