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Backdrops, Floordrops & Studio Systems

Set the scene for brilliant portraits.

The X-Drop Backdrop System

This compact and travel-friendly backdrop support system is designed for portraits, headshots, and video conferencing with an array of 5’ x 7’ backdrops available.

Portable X-Drop backdrop stand
Solid wrinkle-resistant photography backdrop
Photo by Craig Thoburn
Shootout Contest Winner

Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops

A must-have for any studio and for every type of photography. With innovative wrinkle-resistant fabrics available in 9x10 or 9x20 options, these washable backdrops make your studio setup effortless.

Green and Blue Screen Backdrops

For professional results and streamlined post-production, our Chroma Key Backdrops are custom manufactured for the ideal fabric shades of blue and green.

Chroma-Key Green Screen Backdrops for Photography and Video
Printed vinyl and canvas backdrops

Vinyl and Lightweight Canvas Backdrops

Directly from Westcott to you, these printed backdrops are available in matte vinyl or lightweight canvas and in sizes compatible with the 5' x 7' X-Drop System.