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Our Partners in Innovation

For more than 100 years, the F.J. Westcott Company has had a commitment to innovation. From the invention of the first fiberglass umbrella frame in 1962 to more recent creations in constant lighting for photo and video, we strive to constantly develop new ideas and technologies. This includes listening to you, our customer, and ideas that you may have as well. We welcome you to submit your innovation and thank you for being a loyal customer.

Ice Light 2 demonstrated by Jerry Ghionis

Ice Light 2

Jerry Ghionis
LunaGrip demonstrated by Kevin Kubota


Kevin Kubota
Peter Hurley Flex Kit demonstrated by Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley Flex Kit

Peter Hurley
Bob Davis Speedlite Kit demonstrated by Bob Davis

Bob Davis Speedlite Kit

Bob Davis

KelbyOne Light Modifier Kit demonstrated by Scott Kelby

KelbyOne Light Modifier Kit

Scott Kelby
Eyelighter demonstrated by Larry Peters


Larry Peters
Rapid Box Beauty Dish demonstrated by Joel Grimes

Beauty Dish

Joel Grimes
Home Studio Lighting Kit demonstrated by Erin Manning

Home Studio Lighting Kit

Erin Manning

Omega Reflector demonstrated by Jerry Ghionis

Omega Reflector 360

Jerry Ghionis
Book Light Kit demonstrated by theC47

Book Light Kit

Pocket Box Kit demonstrated by Erin Manning

Pocket Box Kit

Erin Manning
KelbyOne Spiderlite TD6 Kit demonstrated by Scott Kelby

KelbyOne Spiderlite TD6 Kit

Scott Kelby

Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit demonstrated by theC47

Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit

Triple Threat Bracket demonstrated by Bruce Dorn

Triple Threat Bracket

Bruce Dorn
Apollo JS demonstrated by Jim Schmelzer

Apollo JS

Jim Schmelzer
Asymmetrical Stripbank demonstrated by Bruce Dorn

Asymmetrical Stripbank

Bruce Dorn

Jim Schmelzer demonstrating the ProMediaGear Ice Light Mount

BIC1 Ice Light Mounting System by ProMediaGear

Jim Schmelzer

Terms & Conditions on Non-Patented Product Ideas

You warrant that you are the owner of the innovation being submitted or have been authorized to make this submission and have all the legal rights necessary to disclose this. You agree to rely on the rights provided under patent law or any written contract to which you and Westcott may agree, as the sole means of protecting your interests in your innovation. Westcott will evaluate your innovation only on a non-confidential, no obligation basis. All ideas and materials must not contain any markings of confidentiality. Submitting your innovation does not, under any circumstances, establish a confidential relationship or legal obligation between you and Westcott. Only a written contract signed by an authorized representative of Westcott will create any contractual obligation relating to your innovation. No oral discussions or representations will be binding on Westcott. Westcott has the unrestricted right to use and disclose any innovations submitted. Westcott has no obligation to pay for an innovation that is submitted but not selected. All information and materials provided by you in connection this submission shall be deemed to be part of this initial submission and shall be subject to these terms and conditions. Please remember that many of the innovations submitted may already be known by Westcott or made available to us through the efforts of our global research and development teams. The laws of the State of Ohio govern this submission.

You are voluntarily submitting your Patented Idea to Westcott on a non-confidential basis. Westcott has no obligation to hold any information that you supply to Westcott in confidence. You agree to rely solely upon your patent rights to the Patented Idea. Your Patented Idea is subject to an issued or granted patent. New product ideas associated pending patent applications, provisional patent applications, and/or patent applications that are otherwise in prosecution will not be accepted. You are the inventor of the Patented Idea, or you are the authorized agent of the inventor, and you are legally free to make this submission to Westcott. Westcott has no obligation to purchase or license your patent rights, but you are legally free to convey patent rights should Westcott desire to obtain patent rights from you. Westcott has no obligation to refrain from, or to compensate you for, using any idea that is not covered by the claim(s) of a valid and enforceable patent. All information that you provide to Westcott is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.