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Our Team

From creative individuals and knowledgeable educators to passionate customer service representatives and shipping personnel, Westcott employs the best of the best to ensure quality in both the products and experiences presented to our customers. Contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns, and you'll be greeted by a refreshingly dedicated team of experts. Or visit us out in the field at industry events, conferences, and expos, where you can interact with Westcott lighting equipment in-person and learn from our seasoned professionals.

Westcott Executive Chairman and CEO

Executive Chairman & CEO

Since 1969

I have the pleasure of being the rudder on the ship of Westcott. I enjoy helping to guide and steer the finest group of associates.


Westcott Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Since 1991

I oversee all operational, financial, human resources, and information technology functions for Westcott. Keeping busy never seems to be a problem.

I love music, especially playing the guitar and performing locally with an acoustic trio named Mile Marker 1. I used to golf a lot, but have found that music is easier on the ego, less expensive, and lets me be home on Sundays.

Westcott Marketing Director

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Since 2012

From our incredible dealers, to our diverse group of Top Pro photographers, and of course our friends at other amazing photo and video brands, I work with these various groups of people to spread the word on all of the fun things we’re up to here at Westcott.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my two daughters. That mostly means my wife and I take turns changing diapers, playing Candy Land at night, and playing games outside that have ridiculous made up rules… I wouldn't change a thing!

Westcott Order Preparation Specialist

Order Preparation Specialist

Since 1994

I pull just about every order that comes through. Occasionally, I have to crack the whip in the warehouse and keep these goofballs in line!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also LOVE to watch football.

Director of Sales, North America

Director of Sales, North America

Since 2004

I am responsible for managing Westcott dealers in Canada and the Eastern U.S. I teach lighting in seminars, attend dealer and national trade shows, and train dealer sales associates to ensure that Westcott products are properly represented to our valued customers.

My family is the most important thing in my life. My son blessed me with my 2 year-old grandson. My two daughters are the apple of my eye and the center of my life. I love to golf although rarely have the time to actually do it. The rest of my life is devoted to keeping my most wonderful wife happy and remembering that I am the luckiest guy in the world when she said yes and became my bride.

Director of Customer Relationships

Director of Customer Relationships

Since 2004

I provide customer care with top notch service. I also process orders and assist customers for dealers, all the way up to: Do you want fries with that?

I am a Missouri native so I love the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm also an Ohio State University alumna, so I will always be a Buckeye fan!

Westcott Receiving Specialist

Receiving Specialist

Since 2007

My main job is receiving incoming shipments and inventory control. From there I help with inspections, kit building and keeping the warehouse organized.I also guard my inventory like a momma wolf from my co-workers up front!

I grew up on and still live on the family farm so I love anything country and being outside. I also dabble in photography, 3 years ago I spent a day with a pack of wolves doing photos. That was an experience of a lifetime for me.

Westcott Shipping Specialist

Shipping Specialist

Since 2007

I spend my time at Westcott shipping products.

I love watching Nascar.

Westcott Creative Director

Creative Director

Since 2008

I pair my creativity and strategic vision to bring Westcott's goals to life. Whether leading the creative team or working as a one-man band, I focus on providing leadership with efficient practices to create a wide range of impactful and effective solutions that connect with our audience.

As a child, collecting paper coasters from around the world inspired me to become a designer. I used to collect baseball cards and now collect fonts. I love to travel with my wife, snorkel, and leap from cliffs into the sea. Our stars aligned in college, unknowing to us that we grew up 5 miles apart.

Westcott Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Since 2009

I create quality marketing material for both print and web. I help create printed flyers, brochures, product instructions, packaging, and tradeshow booth and dealer store signage. I work with the web team to help create web banners and product image optimization for our website.

I enjoy both playing and watching sports. I am currently working on my Bob Vila degree for personal home and lawn improvement. I find it nearly impossible to turn down a good clearance item from Home Depot. I also enjoy being an uncle.

Accounts Manager, Central US

Accounts Manager, Central US

Since 2009

I am responsible for managing Westcott dealers and sales in the Central U.S.

I love doing anything with my children. I also love travel, great art, and reading a good book. I would prefer to do all of this on a beach!

Westcott Director of Product Development

Director of Product Development

Since 2011

I manage existing and future Westcott products. This includes managing and forecasting for current product inventory, implementing product updates, evaluating new product ideas, gauging potential market impact of new releases, sourcing and manufacturing, etc.

I enjoy spending time with my family. We travel to North Carolina's coastal areas and mountains throughout the year. I coach my kids sports teams, complete my wife's honey do list, and travel. I also enjoy photography, snowboarding, surfing, tennis, golf, watching TV, not reading, attending concerts, sampling micro-brews, and talking about Pearl Jam.

Westcott Webmaster


Since 2013

I keep the Westcott web sites and databases running and make sure new content and features show up from time to time.

I love food (both cooking and eating), watching cool old movies, computery stuff, starting home improvement projects, woodworking, and tinkering with things I shouldn't be tinkering with. I'm a huge fan of The Detroit Lions, The Three Stooges, Star Trek, Inspector Clouseau, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, chocolate, and Oxford commas. I'm happiest spending time with my family, friends, and pets. I can't wait to see what I'll be when I grow up!

Westcott Repairs Specialist

Shipping Specialist

Since 2013

I receive product from dealers and customers and conduct repairs or replacements. Then I send the gear back to them.

I'm a musician at heart. I've been involved with music my whole life and have been playing guitar since I was a kid. On the weekends you can catch me at the local establisments playing out.

Westcott Copywriter and Social Media

Marketing Coordinator

Since 2014

You can typically find me in the office bugging our team about the Oxford comma, screening videos by local filmmakers, or bouncing around at events. As marketing coordinator, I get to send your favorite emails, maintain great relationships within the filmmaking community, and support creative events around the country.

On weekends, I'm most likely in a forest with my kiddo or tending to my house plants in hopes that our home will one day become an indoor jungle. We like to spend our free time at the lakes, taking road trips around the Midwest, and lounging around listening to music with our cats, Huxley and Leo.

Westcott Production Manager

Production Manager

Since 2014

As a member of the worldwide Westcott team, I’m always working to create and deliver unique, innovative products alongside Westcott’s valuable partners. My biggest interest is finding state-of-the-art technologies that make our products the best in the world. I always try to think outside of the box.

I enjoy spending my free time with my twin boys. I love watching soccer games, especially when my boys are playing! I am also a big fan of actress Charlize Theron!

Westcott International Sales Coordinator

International Sales Coordinator

Since 2014

I love traveling around the world meeting with our international dealers! It is rewarding to see how Westcott products are used by these dealers and how they are working with customers in the various countries. Seeing the Westcott brand grow in partnership with our international dealers is truly gratifying!

Outside of work, I've ran a couple of half marathons, just to say that I can do it. When not trying to stay fit, I enjoy going the lake where I spend time with family and friends while swimming, kayaking, or a playing a game of corn hole. It is the simple things that have made me very grateful to be where I am.

Westcott Photographer and Gear Coordinator

Photographer & Gear Coordinator

Since 2014

As Westcott’s photographer, I am in responsible for the planning, shooting, editing, and organizing photos. I am also the equipment coordinator. You can find me riding a scooter around the warehouse attempting to make Terry smile.

I'm awkward...

Westcott Director of Procurement and Quality Control

Director of Procurement & Quality Control

Since 2015

I spend the majority of my work day ensuring that Westcott only works with the best possible materials. This is accomplished through purchasing, inspecting and engineering.

I have two miniature potbellied pigs named Wyatt and Dylan. Occasionally, I bring them into the office for a visit.

Westcott Executive Assistant

Soundstage Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Since 2015

As the Soundstage Coordinator I organize photo shoots, video shoots and events at our in-house studio. I also assist in trade show planning and travel arrangements.

In my spare time I can be found petting all the dogs, attending a concert or continuing my search for the world’s best hot wings.

Westcott Technical Service Representative

Technical Service Rep

Since 2016

I assist Westcott clients with solving lighting challenges and selecting the products that help them capture their artistic vision. I also test and offer advice on potential new product offerings.

I love traveling in our retro 1990 airstream RV, visiting kids scattered across the U.S. and driving my wife mad while learning to play the guitar she bought me.

Product Quality Inspector

Repairs Specialist

Since 2016

I examine and test products for defects or deviations to ensure they meet Westcott's production standards and specifications. I also work closely with suppliers, reporting inspection results and recommending adjustments to the assembly and production process in effort to improve the overall product quality for our customers.

The majority of my time outside of work is spent with my family and playing music. I love playing the guitar for my son and hope that he grows to love music as much as I do.

Videographer and Editor

Videographer & Editor

Since 2017

I am part of the creative team, where I shoot and edit video content at Westcott HQ and on location with Top Pros.

If I'm not working on some type of video project, I'm trying to trick my fiancé into watching a classic sci-fi movie with me, that I know she surely won't enjoy. When I’m not avoiding phone calls from relatives asking for computer help, I often enjoy long walks on beac- okay, who I am I kidding I’d be flying my drone.

Accounts Manager, Western US

Accounts Manager, Western US

Since 2018

I work with some of the best camera stores and studios in the world. With over 15 years of photographic and video experience, my mission is to get the right products in their stores while helping build their online e-commerce.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, including my son and daughter. Lately I’ve been trying to teach my son photography while still keeping him interested in sports. I enjoy wine with my wife, love all LA sports, and bleed Dodger Blue!

“I sold my soul to the photo/video industry”
- Bryan Covarrubias